Classic Story In A Good Rainy Term

02.17 AM

I just startled from my long way sleeps

It doesn’t cause by mystical sounds or dog’s bark wanted to be fed

However, I woke up from my old dreams, it’s so real

All those neatness of good jokes, like a drama figure in the last year

And then suddenly I’m remembered, how togetherness we had used to be

The one who screamed unashamedly wanting a water when thirsty is approaching on

Didn’t feel disinclined crying got fallen down by a cycle

Also our little unique games when we were in a roof, oftly we played

This time I want to peel all those ancient memories, again

Time went to feel joyful

You spread your faithfuls’ devotion upon me who was still spoony in that moment

You oftenly used to remind me for playing outside as worthy as me

You also oversaw me when they slapped me through emotional’s overflow also jibes

We were in closed, right?

Remembrances and trail’s scratch would never be forgotten

My prayers are also being sent to you who thought me well

Although I overly don’t know are you thinking of me?

We absolutely can return its beauty of togetherness

Don’t be hesitant, I’m still here with the same feeling’s tempo

Hug me tight if you miss me

Don’t be shy

Perhaps my tint couldn’t afford to speak much telling our delightful experience

Let this being a reminder for each of us

How terribly blissful myself without this damn soul’s heartsick came in

Oh, let it flow

God will grant us the unifier yarn

Give Him an interlude

Give us an interlude, also

For repeating back that great memory though within an urged short second…


Christmas: Between Culture or Religion Celebration

Counting down is not unlocked again to go cherish up theprestigious holy days, Christmas. Yes, definitely. All over people across country, continent, also two different polesas well. Celebrating christmas has always been a ‘can’t wait’ moment through people who have such awareness feeling about how terrific these days mean about.

Like a controversy, christmas indeed is. There are extremely happy people look alike, but there are some parties get incovenient only to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to an each other man.Exactly in my country, Indonesia. Was particularly about three straight years I saw many inhuman treatment in fact cursing people who congratulate the Christianity commemorating one-piece show in each year. Cursing another Muslim brotherhood, exactly.

To be born in the largest Muslim population in the world, making me feel thankful, but also anxious at the moment.

Why? In necessarily comprehensive hesitation, I witnessed radical with its cohort (extremism, hatred acts, etc) are seemingly so airing right now. The hardest silly circumstances are approaching my nation these days. Made us so apprehensive. Not for them who thought this spoof as great opportunity to do.

Like I said, christmas always becomes a caught by day light myth. Another easier calling for this repugnant controversy.

I never had a good feeling about what they used to do, they ongoing now, or what they would do someday. I thought I picked true resolve. Back to the chapter, why christmas always be mistaken? Is this happy event making them furious? Aren’t the furious, and jealousy always being had by the terrorist? Are they one of those hideous mobster? I think they are on the way on tricky path.

Speculation about ‘expressing christmas and phrase’ has already been credentialed by the Ulema (an appellation for Islamic’s leader man) with results almost fixedly 50 : 50. The first fifty is about to allow Muslims to express the christmas nuance with gladden spirit words. In another particular mean, we as human being are smoothly worth to joining another people’s blissfulness although in different beliefs. Without any excuses saying ‘Merry Christmas’ is the phase of tolerancing diversity throughout we convince about we spread by way of verbal exhilaration of well.

Another fifty is probably in realms who were eaten by poison of radicalism provident. Maybe. They contended that saying the christmas utter is kind of spreading this chastity excitement by the Muslim made a Muslim being disbelieved by intimacy values of Islam. I think they are worrying the way the fish swim. Useless job, as correct.

In the fact, culture that is progressed by many acculturation, the historical of its civilization has impressively made the nation’s entity be affluent as pleasingly. Gazing phenomenons surround my country made oftenly in extreme self-contained in down. Why people are happily to eat some taradiddle news, nowadays? I just supposed they see the real tidings as weapon whose suddenly assail them at the moment to reason the fact wasn’t suitable with their hearts. Probably, yes. One-hundred percently are highly almost correct.

One of the most capable knowing ulema in Indonesia, Sir Quraish Shihab recently known as the father of Najwa Shihab who’s senior journalist in country. He mentioned in an interview about religious show in national TV about topicly controversy during congratulating Christian’s colleagues while in December dated as well. Without no doubt, he said like this:

“This tradegy always happens onlyin Indonesia. Other people in outside country, always accentuating the tolerance wholly including saying ‘Merry Christmas’ into same fellow although in different religionjust because only in the name of celebrating or joyingful within of God’s creature (humanity titles as well), even the ulema being this as obligation to give a hus, joining blissful to other priests. This situation happened in Egypt, as we know as one of biggest Muslim population in the world.”

His quote was fantastically agreed. Many of rebel mind people should open their minds especially referring to extremism cohort holders at there) to be more tolerant about this cultural celebration. Christmas has almost been joined by all major around the world by different ethnics, religions, and cultures just in the name of humanity. And if you don’t want to even just celebrate Christmas by your words, at least don’t make some foolishness expressions to the ones who are in heartily reverberating happiness.

I’m Muslim, I love christmas perfumes, Christmas’s tree with its colourful lights, all the colour-covered gifts, the relatable theme songs, cold season or weather, snow (always falling in love), and everything sounds extremely good. Because I know without reducing my won belief we can take part into another happily after celebration as form human being’s unity who live together in the same ball and now it’s timefor us to render each chance being the world unification.

Merry Christmas to all of my Christian brothers and sisters. Hope joyful, mercy, blessing, be together upon you as always!!!

Warm regards from a boy who loves peace, eternally diversity, and tolerance as well.

Once again, Merry Xmas eve and have a happily new year! (started searching my Santa’s hat…….. xxxxx)


Sorry if there’s any unmade sense humors, jest, facts, also phrases I wrote about. Cause I only write through my feeling, right intuition, also some emotional critical hohoho. Hope you enjoy it! Have a blessed day!


Bitterness of Choice Shade

Today it still imprints the huff of an echo

Not only by inappropriate sayings with hopes, it earns more than that

The desires’ fluctuation that almost been full I dive by dint of self

I aghasted onto the feeling, and many people have known it

Appears on eagerness easily deceived by emotion whose fettering self with all its zeals

This is wrong, I even keep ignorant my own dignity ahead of them

Although impression and message that I’ve got narrowly as blithe as my wildest imaginary did

I’m only a human

That word’s definition does oftenly assist my move’s oversight in the pasts

Concomitant seconds passed away I always summarize the darkness that visit me when I am in the heaviest wound caused of them

Such mithful voices are cheering me up immediately

However, that probably just a phantom oscillation

Upon the vagueness intuition which peeks myself gathered with inflame boredom

Because at the end of the day, only me and my chastity soul would walk unimped

Indeed totally true what maxim said that your arousal determines path you should walk in

Revering have on something isn’t only about craving or yelling out

It’s about desire whose almost ruling vertex of owning

Sottishness is final accomplishment about chimera that’s ongoing to chase

Maybe I’m overly following the egoism tickling heart’s braid

Expecting to actually afford present in my next shoulder 

Even if my awful hunch started ambushing I could afford expel in a flash

Reason is only to stay in thy splendid nuance in sweetheart of mine

I had been listening many prevalent stories about your circular radar as well

Constellation sheet has obviously arrayed neatly then bounces away just because major’s perception or my imaginary

Consciousness to ‘wake up’ assaults this decision which ends ashen

Such a shepherd I’m carrying huge feel pitched heartsick

Bitterness of aim not merely greet the painted grey circle

Flouncing deep vein for always drawing form rhythming through imperative slightly

Not praying much in each last prostration

Thousands or even millions tears puddle signalling hopes in the next up foothold meeting

The guttural of wondrousness has come in hope’s wrapper

Selfishness’s limits exceeded incisively because of heart attack tragedy

After this the beauty of shape isn’t claimed as decider into heart’s inescapable

The connected feeling by range of rendezvous, walkways, gaze, and time establish its role within flopping into choices

You didn’t grant me what I’m used to dreaming about

Stertorous in my chest tangibly you pin into hope’s vat

Thanks, you’re becoming my most rascally and best lesson

To have always possibility to put forward how important time and logic

I’m so only repairing all this damn stuff, just pray me…

Getirnya Naungan Pilihan

Hari ini masih membekas gusarnya gema

Bukan hanya perkataan tak sesuai harapan, lebih dari itu

Gejolak keinginan yang hampir penuh kuselami berkat diri

Aku terperanjat perasaan itu, dan banyak orang tahu

Tampak hasrat mudah dikelabui emosi yang membelenggui diri dengan semangatnya

Ini salah, aku bahkan membodohkan marwahku di depan mereka

Walaupun kesan dan pesan yang ku dapat nyaris segembira angan nakalku

Aku hanya seorang manusia

Definisi kata itu sering membantu kekhilafan gerakku di masa lampau

Seiringnya berjalannya detik aku selalu mengikhtisari kegelapan yang mendatangiku di saat luka terparah akibat mereka

Suara-suara sering menyorakiku seketika

Namun, itu mungkinlah hanya sebuah getaran semu

Pada kekelaman intuisi yang menyambangiku bersama kejemuan yang semakin meradang

Karena pada akhirnya, ha

Memuja bukan hanya perihal mendambakan atau mengelu-elukan

Itu perihal keinginan yang hampir merajai puncak memiliki

Kebodohan ialah pencapaian final tentang impian yang tengah kukejar

Mungkin aku terlalu mengikuti gelitikan egoisme jalinan hati

Mengharapkanmu untuk bisa hadir di samping bahuku

Bahkan firasat buruk menghadang mampu kuusir dalam sekejap

Hanya untuk menetapi nuansa indah dirimu di sanubariku

Aku sudah mendengar banyak cerita mengenai radar melingkarmu

Lembaran tutur yang sudah tersusun rapi tertopang jauh hanya karena persepsi orang juga khayalku

Kesadaran untuk ‘bangun’ menyergapi keputusan berakhir kelabu ini

Bak seorang pengembala aku menentengi rasa besar bernada pilu

Kepahitan makan tak sekadar menyapa lingkaran lukis abu-abu

Menyekatkan nadiku tuk selalu menggambar rupa yang seirama dengan keharusan

Tak berdoa banyak di setiap sujud terakhirku

Beribu bahkan berjuta genangan tangisan mengisyaratkan harapan di pertemuan keberpijakanku selanjutnya

Nyiur keindahan wujud datang sudah di pelupuk cita

Batas-batas keegosian terlampaui tajam berkat tragedi menyayat hati

Setelah ini keindahan wujud bukan lah penentu kemutlakan hati

Perasaan yang terhubung oleh rentang pertemuan, jalan, tatapan, dan waktu mengokohkan perannya dalam menjatuhkan pilihan

Dirimu tak memberiku apa yang kuidamkan dulu

Sesakan dada yang nyata engkau tancapkan ke pelupur asa ini

Terimakasih, engkau menjadi pelajaran terhina dan juga terbaikku

Untuk seselalu mungkin mengedepankan pentingnya waktu dan logika

Aku segera memperbaiki ini, doakan aku…

Rhyme of Exasperate Tendency

Honestly, I probably have been aghasted with all shoddy heart also mind attack dig by cruel-minded ones. I’m only an usual boy, oftenly weaken some turncoats about happily thrust and also felt beaten throughout the ashamed pain made by me or external consist. Here are my words, exerting to get fathomed about my own selves. Because all I want about deterioration of hating someone (and/or people in generally) is only to be able to destroyed in order to have a wonderful life’s experience. Here I go…

Langkat, December 2th, 2017

Such a blinded world I’m seeing right now

Obviously to find out whether it’s gloom or transient opaqueness

People are trying to be rightests

Despite the whole eyes aren’t dissembling

I hate facing the pony affectation acts

Didn’t lament entirely sombers whose felt by major

Because me supposed juxtaposing into agreed assessment like me

Will you always be caught by the hostility of sentiment?

Wading your days together with peevish manners?

Arduously building up people who have some hatreds with you

How long you will defend with those stupid people?

Time will answer that

I almost feel the glory of diversity has lost

Hurrily mucked by unfundamentally loathing

Continuing to havoc feeble ones

Trying to destroy their stride who is ongoing to make a betterment, exactly

Moreover, thing most chapfallen is much enough great minds are instigated to be fragile

Please, stop this

I know I can’t rearrange your depth insight

So, why we recognise God’s chastity path through praying all the time

Some people are always trying to hide their own feelings

Quite different than me, uttering compassion is my mission

I wasn’t dizzying about what people are going to abase myself

I indeed concern about injustice which is suffered by the unseen people

Praying for the best way-out is not always enough

Digging consciousness from the root of mind is absolutely needed

Because why good people are supposed to put thing on righteous way

All I can do are wishing and occupying miracle’s lane

Wishing all of ungraceful tendencies turn into something wondrous

Also occupying my own trace toward an endless hope’s jackscrew

The last lyric in this part is spreading love not hate,

As always.





Ps: This short message is going to be sent by many cruelty parties in my country who please their own aim through extreme ways. They spread hatred over someone and/or something transparently moreover they don’t even suspect that it is a real mistake. Their purpose is one: to be pleased by their political hope in next two years. I hate of seeing this madness, so I hope through this little rhyme (genuinely in literature) can reduce the negative vibes wondrously. Wishing ;)!


A Virgo’s Tangible Fairytale

My sign is Virgo. All everybody know this sign has always been the most perfection looking in any sides. People with the Virgo sign (called: Virgos) tend to be more active in their own thoughts in case to ruin and manage possibilities which probably can be doing each chance as well.

Their purpose is one. Is to be able to draft their imaginaries or great perspectives through subject really manners, no matter the shape of it is. Being a Virgo guy, is completely mixed feeling as well.

Sometimes, we’re too worried about what is happening in the next, whether come to internal or externally knowing. We’re also excited to give more attention into the details. Those extremely sometimes are great on the special space, neither got involute to take it away like 1,754,200 miles from my mind nor let it stay to the eternal. Is that a very astounded thing, ever?
I never thought this damaged-mind is toughly manner to be binned, I preferly consider myself to take control it as long as my head isn’t going to explode, lol. And yeah, it is a destiny, or my words are too overwhelming. You can judge me.
Our another hardness to conquer feeling is to be surrounded by the stupid ignorant people (read: they are stupid in adding they are super ignoring). I don’t know why, I feel like in the lowest earth’s depth. A giant darkened hole. Seems so terible, indeed. For me, to be with stupid people are so useless, we got no more mind’s benefits, no more special conversation because with their less knowledge also a silly insight they don’t really reflect their own spirit, in last there is no a leave for a self-complimented. And, how about to other man? Cannot be valued.
I don’t want to be called as the selfish one, but at leat I have known, what really important aim while having a social interconnection to major. At least know, tho.

Having granted such a complication well-crafted mind’s resolution by the Almighty God, made me so human. In particularly spoken, I didn’t always to distance into ugly barriers, naughty lies, exhausting problems, because I have to stan them all good. Moreover, me trying to find a righteous through all of the written feels above.
My humanity side tries to be on the top over anything. I think I shall let it be. Because of what? I have realised, I am not needed by more people (major sent views) but, I’m more needing to search any incredible experiences by the surrounding. In other mean, I stand in the kindness as well, wishing there would be such an aiding light into hidden gold dagger which is covered by the cruelty.
Is my humanity feeling included in my good side of a Virgo? I hope so. So, explaining about the Virgos are genuinely in a sign world, it will leave more inks to put in letter, moreover in Virgo (stepped up level). Because all of contradictory have been poured in order to get know whether this one’s impulsive or progressive.

How about your personal sign? Give me a lot of more your own peaks!

My Earlier Longing, Hope

A Cross Chest Chrips

My brow looks sullenly fenugreek
It’s always wriggling almost in each march
Then the neurons mobster welled them up
To not always missing thy minutes arrival

I am a bit astounded with the God’s game
Who always bidden us to have never shackle selfs
On the second bitter fact which convalescingly covering a gold dagger
I’m wanting your hand’s answer, God

Swelter and sumptuousness roofs have already come onto desire wrapper
The loud of despair rhyme comes from anywhere
Has it been a sign
Odorus flattery hunches naik wavingly

I surely know, this bothering ignited early
Like the drought involutely come in November
Even though this prick is not thoroughly pinched
While the inner jolted that this is absolutely dickens’ replication

Again, I know there would never be a tree if nothing roots as well
Whose necessarily imbuing own selves to always rendezvous politely
I hope my age will surely be faith cherish me up
Me wanting to chase my whole naughty dreams

There is nothing I miss beside thy presence
Annihilated ocularly side assisting me beside this hope
Honesty is deserved to friend me in chronically minutes about miss
Yeah, always about you o’ my mega explorer

The blast optimistic faint your existence attached blessingly
Ambitious savanna tranverses longly dotted hope’s nuance
The blue little note about thy minute’s arrival isn’t yet coming
And the scattered benediction chirp is being clearly heard in my chest’s cavity

And now, your mysteries has oftenly made me bored
Because I know you definitely aren’t similar with the dense salvinia
But I’m not aiming why love’s overflow increasingly incisive to you
My longing blast would not be quenched until I really accost you up, my hope

Langkat, November 19th 2017

Rainbow Under the Roof

Wherewith you who’s doing a jest
My words are only revenge’s hope grain
Which is lost slammed by necessity about the feeling
Wandened blindly in the lonely ocean
Salted by colourful joy memories
Hang all over our freed strides on that rusted nail
Adjust them with today’s galloping core
Is indeed precarious its layout
Nevertheless clear the vibration is
A second, a minute, even an hour got sometimes involute relieving thy warms fingers it used to be
My fictious surely brought me there, sometimes
But I won’t let it win
The rotten vat won’t be fragnant
Although fills again with the forthful musks

You’re indeed such a rainbow
Your shining colours are getting fused when I am niched by emptiness
Yet, you definitely dissapeared when I’m awake about control
However I do feel grateful, your existence opened me a such plainly window
That isn’t all the glee forms are correct
My heart may not as tough as million carated gold as well
Also not spartan as Maria did when being defamed
I only survive for sake of hope
I don’t even know what embodiment will be
Is it a rainbow with million colours behind that (again)
Or it can be a masked light like a rumble
I’m not questioning them all
Let the Lord regulate His hidden plans
But now, I’ve got many clearer duties that has to waistband
I’m trying to return my hope’s jackscrew
Me surely wanting to raise it up but not now, tho
I might be bushed acted like a real actor
Eaten by sweetness flattery just inside the slim quilt
However being encroached on bitter aims through even a second space
Rainbow that you brought would never come into the surface
It was just slipped within the edge of convenient bed also plain
And I already knew it, you were a rainbow

For me, the most important thing for now and perhaps tomorrow is
How stiff myself will have been a steel for my ribs
How torrent my intention defeates the ripple of my blood
Time is gonna answer it
Think we don’t need to worry an unstepped shadow
And here
Behind this roof whose returned apparently
I will make a history
Also imbuing how terribly I’m hoped for an adulthood
In handling
Will the immortal rainbow be found by me
Pinching a wake that I’m diving of

Langkat, October 10th 2017

The Boring Twang

About A Current Hopeless


The clock is tolling sluggishly

Stocked-still seeing me apparently through its naive gazes

My thought is dropping off the undirected hope’s bow

Filling remembrances which recently gone by


That’s fine, I don’t even know the pulse frequency has teased

The hope has been obsolated exposed by the bitterful hoggish

Thy sad is destinied within each span of your mosts

Bewailing it is indeed cloying your minds honestly


If only me can speak out

Your sad is getting easily to be obsolate

Let the blue skies and the depth clouds submit your deep imaginary

I even want to return my needle, but you don’t need it


My twang today might be seen orphaned

Which accompanied your long hiss when shivering night outcomes

I wish I didn’t exist, tho

To allow you not to be anxious the coming of doldrums someday


Shan’t the homesickness easily approach each human being

Veiled heart that is wrapped softy by the time

Friend by joy also the lark laughs

Its cure would be divoured into the correct soul


I might not afford to make a robust vow

Because ideal heart will be found out soonly

I just pray your galloping moves walk elegantly also neatly

In order to behold you become cheerful again


Langkat, 28th of September 2017

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